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Carrera de Cocina

General information

Cooking is an art that allows you to prepare, create and innovate dishes of different countries and cultures around the world, and achieves the satisfaction of the guests through the different sensations as a result of texture, taste, odor, colors and temperatures presented by the chef.

Moreover, future growth of tourism, hospitality and gastronomy will generate greater business opportunities related to the gastronomic field and hence greater employment opportunities and career development of the restoration.

As a student of D'Gallia cooking career, you can develop skills and abilities that allow you to reach the standards required by the labor market. Culinary training will receive a full international level and achieve solid business vision, and also boasts the most extensive and modern infrastructure: “The campus cuisine of Peru".

Graduate profile

  • It is a professional able to achieve, innovate and create their own preparations.
  • Manage prominently culinary techniques and cooking methods.
  • Has a wide range of culinary preparations.
  • Has the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Has extensive knowledge of the restaurant business.
  • Learn about the areas of administration, marketing and management field.
  • Design diets and menus according to target market needs.
  • Able to undertake and successfully manage their own catering business.
  • It strives to achieve excellence and quality in their professional performance.

Title and certification

The graduate D'Gallia has the advantage of applying for a triple certification to conclude the career:

  • Title issued of Name of the Nation (Technician in Cuisine)
  • Certificate of the Institute of haute cuisine D'Gallia
  • Certificate CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) awarded by the Association Culinary of Mexico (optional)

Lenght, frequency and hours

Lenght: 2 years (4 semesters)
Frequency: Monday to Friday (Workshops on Saturday)

Day: 7:45 am - 11.00 pm
Afternoon: 11:15 am - 2:30 pm
Evening: 6:15 pm - 9:30 pm


Registration: S/. 590 (semiannual)
Monthly fee: S/. 990
Uniform: S/. 295.00
English texts: S/. 80 (single payment for I and II semester)
Accident Insurance anual: S/. 93 (single payment for I and II semester)
Admission Mode: Evaluating profile S / .50 (daily schedule)

When you register choose your favorite combo.

Pack 1: S/. 195
Includes 1 jacket, 1 apron, 1 pair, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, a short sleeve t-shirt / l, 2 Dryers, 1 headkerchief.

Pack 2: S/. 295
Includes Pack 1 + 1 jacket, 1 apron and 1 pair.

* Prices subject to change.

Requirements for registration

  • 04 passport size color photos white background (with name and surname on the back).
  • Copy of ID
  • Original birth certificate or legalized photocopy of certificate.
  • Health Card issued by a health center, a minimum validity of six months.
  • Original certificate of studies high school 1st-5th (for those who have completed a race, photocopy of title).
  • Copy of last bill of telephone, electricity or water.

Second agreement certification

Thanks to the agreement signed by the Institute of Haute Cuisine D'Gallia and prestigious schools outside our graduate students may continue graduate studies and obtain a second certification.
May choose between the Ambrosia Culinary Center (Mexico), Union of Chefs (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Integral Center of cuisine Celia (Cordoba, Argentina).

For more information go to:

Academic exchanges

D’Gallia keeps agreements and strategic alliances with prestigious institutes and gastronomic schools from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Holland, amongst others.

Such agreements make possible cultural academic exchanges between students and teachers from different institutes that allow them to meet new realities and life-enriching experiences in totally different atmospheres.

Advantages and services

  • Preferential rates because academic performance.
  • Spacious kitchens with high tech equipment.
  • Classrooms with modern audiovisual and multimedia equipment.
  • Board of tasting wines and spirits.
  • Computer room with free internet access.
  • Campus 100% WIFI.
  • Gastronomy and cuisine Library (more than 1,000 gastronomic books).
  • Gastronomic Films.
  • Elegant Convention and multiple uses Center for 250 people.
  • Nursing fully equipped and specialized personnel in case of emergency.
  • Gardens and recreation free areas.
  • Private parking lots.
  • Large outdoor cafeteria.
  • Academics exchanges abroad.
  • Artistic Workshops.
  • Workshop of culinary research.
  • Gastronomic exhibitions.
  • Culinary seminars.
  • Professional practices.
  • Job opportunities for our graduates.
  • Gastronomic contests

Beginning: September, 2016

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